Why Organic Ice Cream and Yogurt Matters

Eating organic food is not only overall healthier for you and your children, it also benefits the environment. Choosing organic ice cream over conventional types can help you and your family avoid harmful preservatives commonly found in sweets. We know that eating organic can be a hassle sometimes. It’s not always easy to find organic food that is affordable and tasty. That’s why we here at Bloogrape ensure that all our ingredients are 100% organic and preservative free. Bloogrape is a place where eating your favorite treats and being healthy are one in the same! What makes organic ice cream and frozen yogurt so much healthier? Keep reading to find out more.

What’s the Difference between Organic and Conventional Ice Cream and Yogurt?

When it comes down to it, the most important difference between organic and conventional ice cream and yogurt is the ingredients. By law, ice cream manufacturers are not required to list every addictive and unhealthy ingredient that goes into making their product. When you go to a store and turn over a conventional tub of ice cream or frozen yogurt, you may find vague terms under the ingredients list such as “artificial flavors,” and other chemical names that you can’t pronounce. As a rule of thumb, it’s never a good idea to put something into your body if it looks like a tongue twister!


The same thing goes for when you walk into your favorite ice cream shop. In fact, much traditional ice cream and frozen yogurt shops don’t even have the ingredients clearly listed. Most of them offer sugary, preservative-filled toppings and syrups that are bad for your health. When you’re putting something into your body, you have the right to know what ingredients it’s made out of, and whether or not it’s nutritious.

Here’s a list of just some of the unhealthy additives that can be found in traditional ice cream and frozen yogurt.

  • Diethylglycol: a chemical used instead of egg yolks, an antifreeze, and a paint remover.
  • Piperonal: a vanilla flavoring, and a lice killer.
  • Aldehydec-17: a cherry flavoring, and an aniline dye found in plastic and rubber.
  • Ethyl Acetate: a pineapple flavor, and a cleaner for leather and textiles.
  • Butyraldehyde: a nut flavoring, and an ingredient in rubber cement.
  • Amylacetate: a banana flavoring, and an oil paint solvent.
  • Benzyl Acetate: a strawberry flavor, and a nitrate solvent.


At Bloogrape, we make our ice cream with nutrition in mind. It just makes more sense to use real strawberries instead of a chemical that kind of tastes like strawberries. It turns out that great flavor naturally follows when we use organic and locally produced ingredients. Who knew!

Organic Ice Cream and Yogurt is Healthier for You.

Organic ice cream is made from organic milk which contains more beneficial omega-3. Conventional milk and ice cream, along with most other processed foods are heavy on omega-6 which can lead to a variety of health problems. Eating more omega 3 fats is great for your heart health and the rest of your body too!

Conventional ice cream and yogurt is made from ingredients that are grown with harmful pesticides, hormones, and GMOs. When those ingredients are manufactured into the ice cream and yogurt you buy at the grocery store or an ice cream shop, more preservatives, chemicals and artificial flavorings are added. By the time that frozen treat hits your tongue, it’s so far from its natural state that its barely recognizable! Organic ice cream is as close to nature as ice cream can get.

Organic Ice Cream and Yogurt is Better for the Environment.

Organic ice cream and yogurt is made with ingredients that are grown without the use of chemicals and preservatives. Ingredients that are organically grown are better for the environment for a variety of reasons.

  • Organic Ice Cream & Yogurt Conserve Biodiversity

Without harmful chemicals seeping into the water and soil, the natural balance of the ecosystem is encouraged to thrive. Wildlife are not exposed to harmful water supplies, and their habitats are not destroyed.

  • Organic Ice Cream & Yogurt Help Fight Global Warming

Organically grown ingredients are often distributed locally, meaning that less energy is used for transporting them across land and ocean. With less transportation necessary to move these ingredients, there is less carbon dioxide emissions being put into the atmosphere, reducing the greenhouse gas effect.

  • Organic Ice Cream & Yogurt Reduce Erosion

Erosion can be harmful to the environment and communities. Ingredients grown organically do not contribute to the crop production methods that eliminate all vegetation, leading to erosion. With organic farming, more soil is covered with vegetation preventing the wind from carrying away fertile layers of soil.

Organic Ice Cream & Yogurt is the Way to Go

The next time you get a craving for something sweet, think twice before you reach into your freezer for that tub of ice cream, or stop by a traditional ice cream or frozen yogurt shop. There are plenty of options for healthy and delicious desserts that are preservative and chemical free. Bloogrape provides organic and tasty ice cream treats that will keep you and your family healthy and safe!


Ashley and Harparam, having extensive knowledge in nutrition knew they would be just the right people to tackle this market. Every single detail including the ingredients, recipes, even the store was designed by the duo after a lot of research and consideration.