Bloogrape Organic Sworls: From a Small Idea to a Growing Store!

Our story started with a simple idea to provide a healthy and delicious way for people to enjoy a sweet treat without feeling guilty afterward. We’ve always been a big fan of ice cream, but not so much of the fats and preservatives that come with a scoop. We began to realize that there weren’t a lot of dessert options that combined both nutrition and taste. That’s when we sat down together one day and, with a focus on nutrition and organic ingredients, came up with the idea for Bloogrape Organic Sworls.

Who are we?

We’re Harparam and Ashley Sandhu from Walnut Creek, California. When we first started dating we were both in the health field. Ashley was studying nutrition, and Harparam was a doctor. It may sound a little corny, but our first date was at a coffee shop in Walnut Creek where we spent the whole time discussing what kind of healthy options they had. It was obvious then that we were meant for each other. Bloogrape was pretty much inevitable after that.
What does “Bloogrape” mean?

Everyone knows that grapes only come in three colors: red, black and green. So where did the name Bloogrape come from? Well it all started in Napa Valley, where Ashley is from. Harparam always thought that some of the grapes looked more like a dark blue than purple or black. We would have long discussions where Ashley would try to convince Haparam otherwise, but he wouldn’t budge. And thus came the name Bloogrape! We decided it would be a perfect name for our ice cream shop because it’s fun, weird, and all natural—just like our ice cream!
How is Bloogrape healthier than regular ice cream?

We pride ourselves at Bloogrape on having ingredients that are 100% organic, with absolutely no chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavor or sweeteners. We want parents to feel good about feeding their children Bloogrape, and all our customers to feel healthier after eating our Sworls. Unlike regular ice cream, all the ingredients we use are nutritious and in their purest form. Our ingredients are as natural as you can get without plucking them straight from the ground! For those who don’t consume dairy, we also carry products made from coconut milk.

In addition to being healthier than traditional ice cream, we dare to say that Bloogrape tastes better too! We make our Sworls with exotic ingredients sourced from around the world like Munuka Honey from New Zealand, bee pollen, rose petals, edible flowers, and even a pinch of Middle Eastern saffron, the world’s most expensive herb. Our ice cream is delicious without being saturated with bad for you ingredients like sugar and preservatives. Our ingredient list includes nutrient rich ingredients that nourish your body and mind.

Ashley and Harparam, having extensive knowledge in nutrition knew they would be just the right people to tackle this market. Every single detail including the ingredients, recipes, even the store was designed by the duo after a lot of research and consideration.