At bloogrape Organic Sworls, we know the value of you and your families health, this is why all of our ingredients are organic. We want you to enjoy nature’s best flavors in their purest forms.


As small business owners ourselves, we know how hard it is to keep your business thriving with big corporations running the show. This is why we buy all of our ingredients from local farmers markets and community grocery stores.


You are the Boss!!! Go Crazy.. Create your own individual masterpiece, your options are limitless. At Bloo Grape Organic Sworls, you pick your own base, flavors, toppings, and drizzle.


Lines….They Suck!!! at Bloo Grape we do our very best to make your personal experience as enjoyable as possible. Organic sworls and a show!! now you can enjoy our Sworl artists demonstrating their skills, creating your own individual masterpieces.

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“Who doesn’t love ice cream?” I believe the real question should be “how can we make ice cream better?”

“Bloogrape Organic Sworls” is the brainchild of Harparam Sandhu and Ashley Sandhu. They have always been health conscious, Ashley a bit more than Harparam, However, when they met each other that’s when things changed. Carbohydrates, chemicals, and fats seemed to matter a bit more and pretty soon a lot of the yummy treats we all love went with it. Harparam had a love for ice cream and noticed that there were not a lot of “healthy” ice cream options. That is when they started discussing the possibilities of opening up “Bloogrape Organic Sworls.” They took the idea of Thai Ice cream Rolls and made it better. The idea was to serve something local and organic for those who care for their health as much as they do.

                                   “A guilt free pleasure”

Ashley and Harparam, having extensive knowledge in nutrition knew they would be just the right people to tackle this market. Every single detail including the ingredients, recipes, even the store was designed by the duo after a lot of research and consideration.At “Bloogrape Organic Sworls” we provide completely customized healthy and organic ice cream with a fun twist. You choose what goes in your sworls without being worried about chemicals or preservatives. Options and combinations are endless, put your creative mind to work …..

                                   Create a masterpiece!!

1. First Step…

2. Now Second Step…

3. Options.. & a Little More Options!

4. So Many Drizzles, So Little Time…!

Try Our “Soul Bowl” Creations

Why Organic Ice Cream and Yogurt Matters

Why Organic Ice Cream and Yogurt Matters Eating organic food is not only overall healthier for you and your children, it also benefits the environment. Choosing organic ice cream over conventional types can help you and your family avoid harmful preservatives commonly... read more

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